Economic news (From SCB EIC)

14/12/2023 SCB Outlook – Quarter 4/2023
10/10/2023 SCB Outlook – Quarter 3/2023
14/06/2023 SCB Outlook – Quarter 2/2023
31/05/2023 SCB Flash – SCB EIC expects policy rate hike to continue to hit 2.5% in Q3/23
30/05/2023 SCB Flash – Thai exports continued to fall in April, with worrying prospects from slowing Chinese economic momentum.
15/05/2023 SCB Flash – The Thai economy in Q1/2023 continued to grow following robust tourism and private consumption growth despite weakening exports. Political polarization in Thailand warrants monitoring
26/04/2023 SCB Flash – Thai exports fell less than expected in March. Clearer positive momentum signaled despite the high base.
30/03/2023 SCB Flash – SCB EIC views that merchandise exports will expand by 1.2% in 2023 as signs of recovery emerge, despite a negative growth of exports in February
29/03/2023 SCB Flash – The MPC raised its policy rate 0.25% to 1.75% as expected. In the baseline scenario, SCB EIC expects policy rate to continue rising to 2% in the middle of this year. 
17/03/2023 SCB Outlook – Quarter 1/2023
02/03/2023 SCB Flash – Thai exports continued to shrink for the fourth consecutive month. Despite a bleak outlook, China’s reopening should support growth in the periods ahead.
25/01/2023 SCB Flash – SCB EIC expects the MPC to continue hiking policy rate 2 more times and keep it steady at 2% throughout 2023
24/01/2023 SCB Flash – Thai exports plummeted at the end of the Tiger year, whilst still achieving 5.5% growth overall. Going forward, exports may benefit from China’s reopening.