Today's Report

  • Sawasdee – May 17, 2024

    Move between 1370-1385

    Market today

    Hopes the Fed will cut interest rate is still a catalyst. However, the index was not able to break through resistance between 1380-1385, limiting the upper bound to this point. The lower bound is at supports of 1370 and 1365, keeping movement between 1370-1385.

    High conviction
    OSP – 1H24 looking excellent – Outperform 

    Company analysis
    BCH – 1Q24: In line with estimates – Outperform 
    CENTEL – 1Q24: Beat estimates on strong hotel ops – Neutral 
    TIDLOR – Good earnings growth with upside on dividend – Outperform 


Morning Voice - February 28, 2022

Word focus

Dividend yield The dividend yield is the total yearly payments divided by the principal value of the preferred share