Economic news (From SCB EIC) 2022

09/12/2022 SCB Flash - SCB EIC expects the MPC to continue with 3 more policy rate hikes to stand at 2% in 2023
06/12/2022 SCB Flash - Global economic frictions prompted Thai exports in October to face the most severe contraction in 2 years. A clouded recovery anticipated in 2023
02/12/2022 SCB Flash - The Thai economy continued to recover from improving private consumption and exports of services
28/11/2022 SCB Outlook  – Quarter 4/2022
08/11/2022 SCB Flash - Thai exports edged up amid signs of global economic slowdown
04/10/2022 SCB Flash - EIC expects Thai policy rate to continue rising to 1.25% this year and 2% next year
14/09/2022 SCB Flash  - Thai exports saw slowing momentum in July as exports to China plummeted
13/09/2022 SCB Outlook   – Quarter 3/2022
24/08/2022 SCB Flash - The Thai economy continued to recover following better domestic demand and tourism conditions. However, risks from the global economic slowdown could underweight recovery in the periods ahead
15/08/2022 SCB Flash - Thai exports performed well during the first half of 2022, though with growing risks from slowing global economic conditions in the periods ahead
07/07/2022 SCB Flash - Thai exports in May stabilized from the previous month. EIC revises the 2022 export growth forecast to 5.8% following risks of stalling global economic conditions in the periods ahead
16/06/2022 SCB Flash - EIC expects MPC to hike rate to 0.75% in Q3 given surge in inflation and improving economic outlook
14/06/2022 SCB Outlook – Quarter 2/2022
01/06/2022 SCB Flash - Thailand’s export growth momentum started to stall in April following China’s lockdowns and slowing global demand prompted by the Russia-Ukraine war
26/05/2022 SCB Flash - Thai Q1 GDP continued to expand from the recovery of domestic demand, tourism, and exports. Going forward, the recovery momentum should continue, though with harsher implications from the war
09/05/2022 SCB Flash - Exports in March hit a historic high with a continual growth of 19.5%. However, excluding gold, the figure signaled stalling momentum. EIC increases Thailand’s 2022 export forecast to 6.1% following higher export prices
26/04/2022 SCB Outlook – Quarter 1/2022
08/04/2022 SCB Flash - EIC expects the MPC to leave rate at 0.5% throughout 2022 as inflation surged mainly due to supply-side factors and will likely return to target next year
08/04/2022 SCB Flash - Thai exports in February continued to expand for 12 consecutive months without being affected from the Russia-Ukraine war yet. Exports should continue to improve in the periods ahead following higher prices
09/03/2022 SCB Flash - Thai exports continued to expand in January despite signs of a short-term slowdown from Omicron casualties. Impact from Russia-Ukraine war was not yet seen but warrants monitoring.
02/03/2022 SCB Flash - Thai GDP in Q4/2021 expaned stronger than expected following export and domestic demand recovery, with further boosts from easing containment curbs and economic stimulus packages launched during the year-end.
18/02/2022 SCB Flash - EIC expects the MPC to hold policy rate at 0.5% throughout 2022 while there is no need to quickly raise policy rate following the Fed’s hike.
31/01/2022 SCB Flash - Thailand’s export value hits record high in 2021. EIC anticipates that the export momentum will continue in 2022 due to various supporting factors.
26/01/2022 SCB Note – The Role of Advanced Biofuels in the Energy Transition
25/01/2022 SCB Note – Thailand’s household debt to GDP ratio stood high at 89.3% in Q3/2021. Eyes on Omicron impacts and surging informal credits—the two key risks ahead to household debt outlook.
21/01/2022 SCB Note – Achieving Net Zero in the Thai Power Industry: Rationale and Guidelines
14/01/2022 SCB Outlook – Quarter 4/2021
06/01/2022 SCB Note – Green Hydrogen: The Pathway to Net Zero
05/01/2022 SCB Flash - EIC expects the MPC to keep rate on hold at 0.5% through 2022 given that inflation risk and monetary policy of major economies will not put pressure for the MPC to quickly raise the policy rate